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The travel industry is flourishing at record rates and providing expanding opportunities for so many other sectors of the world’s economy…all for good reason.

Much like the recreational industry, traveling is another method of connecting to the ever-present need for escaping from the normal humdrum of the “hamster cage.” With the proper planning and some precautions, traveling can provide an exhilarating escape for well-earned relaxation and leisure.

To assist with the planning, travelers can tune into TV channels dedicated to exploring all the options to consider. There are travel forums and travel videos available on the Internet. In addition, there are at least 50 travel magazines to explore for travel destinations, hints, advice, hacks, shortcuts, deals and much more.

Traveling modes can range from air travel, land travel or water travel. The airline industry handles nearly 6 million travelers on a daily basis worldwide, and as air travel safety records continue to increase in a positive direction, the number of air travelers is likely to increase as well.

On land, we have an increasing number of travelers using a wide variety of transportation methods…cars, trucks, RVs, buses, etc. People travel alone, as couples, as families, and in groups.

Water travel, in terms of vacationing, can be enjoyed on small, medium or larger-sized watercraft. Many of the popular cruise lines are enjoying record-breaking bookings as all-inclusive packages are decreasing in costs, in some cases.

Whatever your reasons for travel, whether it be for business, pleasure or other circumstances, it helps to be prepared and to travel with the necessary and required traveling accessories and documents.

We can’t provide documents, but we may be able to showcase a gadget or product to carry and protect your documents. Concerning traveling accessories, we will do our best to locate and showcase the most popular traveling gadgets/products known to Gulliver!

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the following gadgets/products shown below are what we consider to be the “Best in Class” in Travel Gadgets and Products.

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The Trtl Pillow. The ultimate in sleeping comfort while traveling. Perfect for air travel, train travel and automotive travel. In fact, it is perfect for any situation where you need comfortable sleep while in an upright position. Over 1 million of these have been sold and the trend continues. See the instructional and product information video at Amazon.
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Travel Case for Charger Cables, Phone Cables, Phone, Ear Buds, Accessories, Etc. This case will become your constant companion when traveling. What a great idea! Stay organized and know where all your electronic cables are at all times. Is that console in the SUV or truck full of tangled cables? Get this case to eliminate that mess. Perfect for vacations. Lightweight, durable and made to last.
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Personal Hand-Held Alarm. Lessen the chances of being a victim! This hand-held keychain/audible alarm should be the constant companion to all who are out and about. Whether you are traveling or running/walking for exercise, this compact device will scare off most offenders. The alarm is ear-piercing and can be heard up to 600 feet away. A convenient wrist strap allows you to hold this device securely in your hand. There is a built-in LED light that lights up door and vehicle locks at night. The various uses are too many to mention.
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High-Power 12 X 50 Binoculars. These binoculars are ideal for so many occasions. Take them anywhere whenever you leave home. Use them on a cruise, all vacations, hiking, camping, hunting, bird-watching…suggestions are endless. Ships with Smartphone holder and small tripod. See customer images at Amazon.
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Hanging Toiletry Bag Designed for Travel. This toiletry bag has multiple compartments, with each designed to hold items upright while hanging with built-in metal hook. When bag is hanging and fully opened, all or most items are easy to see and select for use. Will fit into carry-on luggage and backpacks. Made from durable material and strong zippers…all designed to last for years.
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Gadget Gifts for All would like to acknowledge and give attributions to 2 creative and wonderful artists. The colorful cocktail image comes from PublicDomainPictures at Pixabay. The travel accessories image comes from Andrian Valeanu at Pixabay.
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