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“I think we built the right future. If it’s a choice between the flying car or the Internet, tablets and smartphones, I’ll take what we’ve got.”
David Gerrold
Today’s growing selection of tablets is, in our opinion, just the start of an amazing gadget/product that is destined to offer features and convenience that are unavailable with the Smartphone and the larger, common computer devices…and never will be.

Like the Smartphones, tablets are simply smaller versions of the larger laptop and desktop computers. Of course we don’t use laptop and desktop computers as a replacement for the old landline telephones. That is, as we know, the purpose of a Smartphone. And conversely, we don’t use tablets to replace the Smartphones. In this wired age, we find a purpose for all the devices mentioned above.

Today’s growing selection of tablets are generally the same in terms of outward appearance and size. They are larger than most Smartphones and smaller than most laptops. That’s where the similarities end for the most part.

Tablet manufactures continue to introduce new and innovative features at an astounding pace. The tablet market is expected to expand well through 2025 and beyond. And as the competition heats up, the prices will begin to fall. And that will be a win/win for consumers.

Tablets will become increasingly popular with many business sectors, as more features and functionality are added. The use of tablets are common in the food industry as well as the construction industry. The use of tablets, coupled with Smartphones increases efficiency and reduces costs in some cases.

The focus of Gadget Gifts for All is to locate and showcase many of the tablets, tablet accessories and gadget/products available for those browsing our pages. It will be a exciting journey for all of us!

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the following gadgets/products shown below are what we consider to be the “Best in Class” in Tablet Gadgets and Products.

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Headrest-Mounted Holder for Tablets. This is a must-have for gamers in the back seats. The product is easy to install or remove. What we like about this is the distance between the gamers and the tablets. This may help to eliminate eye strain from tablets to close to the eyes. Informational product video available at Amazon.
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The Flippy Pillow. Flip it to suit the desired viewing angle tor your eyes. Use it to read books, eReaders, magazines or other reading materials. Use it while doing your “thing” on tablets, smartphones and Pads. This pillow has a removable cover and can be washed over and over when needed. Lightweight and easy on the bones. Perfect for children in the back seat of a vehicle. See the product information video at Amazon.
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Table Or Desk Tablet Stand. This attractive stand is perfect for many tablets sizes and most smartphones. Devices can be viewed in both the vertical and horizontal positions. The base has non-slip rubber pads and will hold your tablets or smartphones at any angle. This is the ideal stand for Skype and FaceTime sessions.
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Tablet Stand for Beds, Sofas, or Any Uneven Surfaces. This device is ideal to use at home, while in bed or laying on the sofa. Portable and lightweight, it can be stored in carry-on luggage, making it perfect for travelers to use in hotel rooms, airplanes, trains, etc. This stand was specifically designed for most tablets, but NOT for books. The slots are 10 mm wide (1/4 inch), so if a tablet case is used, total overall width must be less than 10 mm or 1/4 inch. Some tablet examples are shown on the Amazon page describing this stand. Read questions and reviews before deciding on this stand.
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Grab a PHOOZY for your Tablet or Laptop!
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Protect your Back to School investment in that new iPad Pro, Surface Tablet or Laptop. Get a PHOOZY! Helps prevent overheating in the sun and insulates from the cold to extend battery life while also providing an IP66 water-resistance rating and military-grade drop protection.

Gadget Gifts for All would like to acknowledge and give attributions to 2 creative and wonderful artists. The young lady with the tablet and computer image comes from fancycrave1 at Pixabay. The man with the tablet and cup of coffee image comes from Karolina


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