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“Smartphones and social media expand our universe. We can connect with others or collect information easier and faster than ever.”
Daniel Goleman
According to Wikipedia, the first Smartphone was the IBM Simon Personal Communicator, which came along in 1994. The next year, the term Smartphone appeared in print.

Since then, several manufacturers have entered the market, continuously and relentlessly competing for users. And if there is one tech product available today that competes for having the most accessories, it has to be the Smartphone.

If an app is considered an accessory, and it is in this instance, there are an estimated total of 4.5 million apps available for download in the world of Androids and iPhones. Of course, many of the apps are identical in purpose and appearance, and are developed for the two distinct operating systems.

There are gaming apps, music apps, business apps, personal development apps, health apps, budget apps, navigation apps, home remodeling apps, etc. Take just about any type of human activity and there is likely an app to be found for downloading.

As we shift to the physical “hands on” accessories for Smartphones, we can find an incredible assortment of gadgets and products. Starting with belt holsters and ending with zoom lenses, there are gadgets/products in between to make the Smartphone more convenient and practical for everyday use.

In the coming months and years, we will be adding some of the most popular and sought-after gadgets for this amazing product known as the Smartphone. We hope you enjoy our picks!

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the following gadgets/products shown below are what we consider to be the “Best in Class” in Smartphone Gadgets and Products.

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Multiple Device Charging Station. This is a must-have for all electronic devices. As we continue down the road of being “wired, geeky and in search for the Best in Class products”, this is one product that helps to fulfill our quest. The product image explains it’s purpose, so we will skip those details. We can say with complete confidence that this station, with it’s finish and construction, is likely the best to be found anywhere. There should be one or more of these in any wired home today. Oh yes, it makes a perfect gift!
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Camera Lens Kit for Smartphones. Enjoy taking those “selfies”? Then make them better and make them stand out from others. This lens easily attaches over your smartphone camera port allowing you to capture super-wide images and “selfies”. Everyone loves those images with rounded corners and this lens kit will capture those stunning pictures.
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Flexible Tripod For Smartphones. We promised “Best in Class” gadgets/products and this is one for sure. This tripod can be used for anyone taking videos and photos for pleasure, memories, and for a variety of business purposes. The phone mount can accommodate any size smartphone and even a full-sized DSLR camera. The construction is so durable, the product comes with a Lifetime Warranty. Imagine the countless possibilities for this innovative tripod! See the product information video at Amazon.
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Emergency 3-In-1 Power Source for Smartphones. When it comes to weather, anything can happen, at any time…and you need to be prepared. In the event of a short or long-term power blackout, this device can be an immediate source for weather information and emergency lighting. There are 3 available power sources…Battery, Hand-Crank and Solar Panel. And, with the 2000MAH Power Bank, a small tablet or phone can be charged to stay in contact with others. An audible SOS alarm is also built into this unit. Perfect for homes, campers, hikers and anyone else that might find themselves in an emergency situation. See the instructional and product information videos at Amazon.
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Shop PHOOZY for Amazing Protection for Your Phone
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The Original Thermal Capsule From PHOOZY. This award-winning phone case is designed to protect your device from overheating in the sun, prevents dying quickly in the cold, floats if dropped in water and quickly retrieved, and provides military-grade drop protection. The patented Chromium Thermal Barrier is adapted from the NASA technology used in space suits to protect astronauts in the extreme conditions. The capsule case reflects more than 90% of the heat generated by the sun to protect your device against overheating and permanent battery damage. In addition, the capsule prevents your phone from dying in the cold while extending battery life significantly in cold conditions. Product and informational videos available on the PHOOZY website.
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Durable and Expandable Phone Holster. This is the perfect holster for many of today’s smartphones. It can be worn either vertically or horizontally. Properly used, the holster will stay in place and your phone will stay secure inside.. Included is a lanyard-type clip allowing the holster to be hung from a belt loop.

In addition, there is a heavy-duty clip allowing the holster to be hung over a portion of a belt. Wait, there is more…much more! This holster can be hung vertically over a belt or horizontally by feeding the belt through rugged slot on the back. Because the material is expandable, there is additional room for credit cards, business cards, a key or two and even some cash.

This is perfect for construction workers, daily use, travel, camping…just about any outdoor activity.
When Gadget Gifts for All promised to scour the web for the “Best in Class” products, this comes in at #1 for phone holsters. See details at Amazon for phones adaptable for this holster, customer reviews and ratings.
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