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“We make our gadgets our own by the way that we use them, with or without the permission of the manufacture.”
Laura Moncur
When it comes to Smart gadgets, we have to chuckle and strongly agree with the words above from Laura Moncur. All one has to do is spend some time watching how people have modified gadgets and products for their own purposes on YouTube or other media platforms…some with very creative outcomes, while others are just plain ridiculous, but very funny.

We at Gadget Gifts for All are excited for the continuous evolution to a world defined by Smart technology. Yet, it will be a demanding journey as industries worldwide will require challenges not clearly defined.

While these questions and challenges will confront researchers and manufacturers well into the future, we can take advantage of many Smart technologies that are readily available today, all designed to make our lives just a bit more comfortable and convenient.

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the following gadgets/products shown below are what we consider to be the “Best in Class” in Smart Gadgets and Products.

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Portable Video Mini-Projector with 100″ Screen. Watch your favorite smartphone videos, display photos, play video games, indoors or outdoors. The widescreen display can be viewed indoors on light-shaded walls, or outdoors against light-shaded backgrounds. When connecting with an iPhone, an extra Lightning to HDMI adapter is needed. When connecting with an Android phone, an extra Micro USB/Type C to HDMI adapter is needed. (Adapters are NOT included in the package). Informational product video available at Amazon.
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The Ever-Popular Echo Dot. This 3rd generation smart speaker comes with a fabric design offered in 4 color choices. The concept for this 3rd generation was to fit into smaller places around the home or the office, and to offer improved speaker quality. The “Smart” ideas just keep on coming. See all the possibilities at the Amazon website. Read the full description and discover the future.
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Electrical Outlet Shelf. There are times when we all think “This gadget was made especially for me”, and it likely was if you own an Echo Dot. This is an ideal way to place your Echo Dot in areas away from accidental spills and mishaps. Very easy to replace your existing outlet cover with this stylish shelf that can hold just about anything up to 10 lbs. in weight. It makes a perfect gift for friends and family members that have Echo Dots.
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Smart Light Bulb Starter Kit. This starter kit includes 3 Sengled Smart Light Bulbs AND a Singled Smart Hub. Once the bulbs are in place and connected to the Smart Hub, you can turn the bulbs ON or OFF, or dim and brighten the bulbs using the Sengled Home App on a smartphone – either Android or iOS. In addition, the bulb functions can be controlled with Voice Control. Set the mood by changing from white to color shades and back, whatever the occasion. The Smart Hub can control up to 64 Sengled Smart bulbs. Works with Alexa, Google Home (Assistant), SmartThings & IFTTT.
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The Amazing Fire TV Stick. This device should be in every home that enjoys all the benefits and wonder of streaming. It is a streaming media player that allows one to enjoy thousands upon thousands of channels, apps, Alexa skills and much more. One can browse millions of websites using the Firefox and Silk browsers. Using this small device, many channels and apps are streamed into homes completely free of charge. Some other services will require paid subscriptions. Amazon Prime members get unlimited access to 1000’s of movies and TV episodes. The Fire TV Stick also comes with the Alexa Voice Remote Control. The remote control has various buttons allowing one to control the TV, Soundbar and receiver. Check your TV to be sure there is an HDMI connection built into the unit.
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