Gadgets, Gifts and Products Relating To Maryland

The following gadgets, gifts and products are showcased with the Great State of Maryland in mind. They may be manufactured in Maryland, in another U.S. state or imported from overseas.

And so, Gadget Gifts for All will always be on the hunt for the latest and greatest of these items relating to Maryland. And, if we find discounts and deals, we will gladly pass them on you, our loyal visitors.

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Cotton Woven Blanket Throw. Snuggle up in this beautiful large (72″L x 54″W) Maryland State Flag blanket throw. Extremely soft and comfortable, this throw is completely woven from 8 miles of pure American cotton. Large enough for a queen-sized bed and ideal for naps or watching TV on the sofa. Washer and dryer safe. Proudly Made in the Great State of
North Carolina

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Ceramic Stone Coasters – Set of 4. These coasters are perfect for any home or office located in the state of Maryland. The illustrations represent so much about what makes Maryland a great state of America.

The coasters are made from natural ceramic stone, each one having a tumbled edge and a cork backing. And the coasters will absorb condensation and drips from cold beverages as well as absorb heat from hot beverages to protect furniture, tabletops and desktops.

The coasters are approximately 4″ X 4″ X .3″ and cleaned with a mild detergent and water. These coasters make an ideal gift for so many occasions…housewarmings, holidays, birthdays, graduations, etc. Proudly Made in the U.S.A.!
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