Gadgets, Gifts and Products Relating To Maine

The following gadgets, gifts and products are showcased with the Great State of Maine in mind. They may be manufactured in Maine, in another U.S. state or imported from overseas.

And so, Gadget Gifts for All will always be on the hunt for the latest and greatest of these items relating to Maine. And, if we find discounts and deals, we will gladly pass them on you, our loyal visitors.

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Blueberry Sampler Gift Pack. Blueberries are forever, especially if they come from Maine. This gift pack contains 7 items related to Maine blueberries, which are locally grown and picked. Perfect for holidays, birthdays, weddings and house warmings. The quality and freshness is guaranteed. Proudly Made and Assembled in the Great
State of Maine

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Door Draft Stopper. This is NOT just a draft stopper to prevent cold drafts from entering the home/office – it also keeps out unwanted dust particles, odors and light.

The draft stopper shown is 38″ x 3″ x 3″, which is ideal for most conditions and expectations. It weighs approximately 2 pounds and is black in color. The inside of the draft stopper is filled with crushed Buckwheat hulls, which is cleaned and sanitized with a proprietary winnowing process. The outside is made from fabric.

To store the draft stopper when not in use, simply grab in the middle, shift the filling and hang over a bar in the closet. Proudly Made in the Great State of Maine.
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