Gadgets, Gifts and Products Relating To Louisiana

The following gadgets, gifts and products are showcased with the Great State of Louisiana in mind. They may be manufactured in Louisiana, in another U.S. state or imported from overseas.

And so, Gadget Gifts for All will always be on the hunt for the latest and greatest of these items relating to Louisiana. And, if we find discounts and deals, we will gladly pass them on you, our loyal visitors.

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Saints Woven Tapestry Throw Blanket. Made of 100% polyester, this colorful and decorative throw is sure to be a favorite for any fan of the New Orleans Saints and New Orleans district. Use it as a bed covering, a room accent on a piece of furniture, or a wall hanging. Measures 48″W x 60″L, perfect to snuggle in while watching a football game. Complete instructions on washing and drying are included at the Amazon website. Proudly Made in
the U.S.A.

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Louisiana Fish Fry Products – Variety Pack. Are you yearning for that delicious Cajun-style seasoning for your chicken, pork or fish/crustacean favorites? The opinions of many will swear by the seasoned coating mixes from Louisiana Fish Fry Products.

The 6-box variety pack contains 2 boxes of seasoned coating mix for pork items, 2 boxes for chicken items and 2 boxes for fish/crustacean items. Formulated specifically for use in air fryers, the coatings can be used in most traditional ovens. And the seasonings can be used for other food items, such as onion rings, where seasoned coatings are desired. Proudly Made in the Great State of Louisiana.

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